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literary award winners

Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance Announces Literary Award Winners

on Fri, 06/01/2012 - 16:25


2012 Maine Literary Awards 

Book Award for Fiction 
Sarah Braunstein 
The Sweet Relief of Missing Children 

Book Award for Crime Fiction 
Paul Doiron 

Book Award for Nonfiction 
Colin Woodard 
American Nations 

John N. Cole Award for Maine-themed Nonfiction 
Carl Little 
Eric Hopkins: Above and Beyond 

Book Award for Memoir 
Susan Conley 
The Foremost Good Fortune 

Book Award for Poetry 
Preston H. Hood 
The Hallelujah of Listening 

Book Award for Young Adult 
Donn Fendler with co-author Lynn Plourde 
Lost Trail 

Book Award for Children’s 
Barbara Walsh 
Sammy in the Sky 

Book Award for