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10 Reasons to Get Excited for Writers' Day 2017

on Sat, 03/25/2017 - 19:19


The New Hampshire Writers’ Project 29th annual Writers’ Day extravaganza  will take place on Saturday April 1st. With this date quickly approaching, we couldn’t be more excited! Here’s why.


1. This day is all about you. Finally, there is day where you can truly focus on yourself and your writing with no distractions. You deserve it! Unplug yourself from the worries of your day-to-day responsibilities and allow yourself to fully enjoy the experience. You won’t regret it.


2. Learn something new.  With so many different workshops targeted towards improving various aspects of your writing, you will leave Writers’ Day with lots of applicable information.


3. Each presenter has something unique to offer. No matter what you are looking to gain from the experience, there is someone who can help you and is happy to do so! Do not be afraid to ask questions or engage with authors after their sessions.


4.  Make your writing marketable.  You will learn about how to successfully promote your book. In After the Launch: So your book is in print!  Now what? join published authors Jeff Deck, Emilie Christie Burack, and Rob Miller as they discuss how to get your book out there and in the hands of readers. In Building A Better Platform, learn how to increase your reach, influence, and level of audience engagement.


5.  Create connections. There will be a variety of authors, publishers, editors, and writers in attendance. This is your chance to mix and mingle with others who share similar interests and who may very well be able to help you in the future.


6. Critique and rethink. Writers’ Day will allow you to get a new perspective to your writing and it will give you the opportunity to offer your own feedback to other writers as well. Be open to constructive criticism and embrace it as a developmental opportunity. In Sight On Scene, Revised, Diane Les Becquets invites participants to analyze a scene they have already written and make revision changes.


7. Successfully communicate your ideas. Writers’ Day is filled with workshops that are focused on expanding your level of communication.  In Here’s the Pitch, NPR’s Virginia Prescott shares anonymous pitches to a panel of editors so that participants gain an understanding of how to craft the perfect pitch. In The Book Proposal : What Agents Want, Glenn Stout shares tips on building a stronger proposal.


8. Push your limits. As a writer, it is necessary to step outside of your comfort zone and explore new ideas, forms, and styles.Crossing the Genre Line will allow you to consider venturing towards a new genre or perhaps creating a cross-genre. Other workshops, such It’s a Mystery: How To Craft A Page-Turner, will allow you to further analyze your writing and make improvements.


9. Gain confidence in yourself and your writing. For many writers, confidence is a constant struggle. Writers’ Day, however, will allow you to become more self-assured in your abilities. With each workshop, you can take the knowledge you have gained and apply it to your own work. Stop doubting and start focusing.


10.  Get inspired. Above all, we hope that you emerge from Writers’ Day motivated and compelled to continue developing your craft. We’re rooting for you!


Still have yet to register for Writers’ Day 2017? What are you waiting for? Click here to register.


Lisa Allard is a student at Southern New Hampshire University. She is working as Literary Editor for the New Hampshire Writers’ Project.